Is breakfast included in your rates?

Yes, a full Israeli breakfast is included in our rates.

Is half-board available (both breakfast and dinner)?
We do not offer half-board, though there are many restaurants within walking distance. 
Are there places to eat nearby?
Yes, there are many restaurants nearby that are within walking distance.  There are three places to eat within a 3-4 minute walk: Pizza, Falafel/Shwarma, and a Middle Eastern Cafe.  If you walk 5-6 minutes, there are another two restaurants which are nicer, and many more past those.
Do you have facilities where I can prepare my own meals?
Yes, we have a fully equipped kitchen, with utensils for cooking, and eating meals at Jerusalem Hills Inn.  This can greatly help to reduce the costs of meals while you are in Israel.
Do you have a washing machine?
Yes, there is a washing machine available for our guests.  Laundry soap is provided, and there is a $3 charge per load.  A drying rack is available for drying.
In what currency are your rates listed?
All of our rates are listed in U.S. dollars.
Do I need to pay in shekels, dollars, or euros?
The price quoted is a special price for tourists, since they are not required to pay Value Added Tax (VAT).  In order to receive this price, payment must be made in a foreign currency (such as dollars or euros).
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we can receive payment using Visa or Mastercard.
Do I need to pay VAT or other taxes?
Tourists with a foreign passport do not need to pay any additional taxes.  Israelis are required to pay the VAT in addition to the quoted room rates.
Is there a discounted price for children?
At what age is there a charge for children?There is no charge for children below the age of 2.  Children ages 2-12 are 50% of the adult rate to stay in an adjacent room to their parents.
Can I add an extra bed for a child in my room?
Can I add an extra bed for another adult in my room?Some rooms have space to add an extra bed. To add a bed for an extra child age 2-12, there is a charge of $20 per night (this includes breakfast for the child). To add a bed for an extra person age 13 and up, there is a charge of $30 per night (this includes breakfast for the extra person).
Where can I change money?
You can change money at the airport in Israel, or with one of the many money changers in one of the cities.
My flight arrives in the middle of the night. Can I check-in at that time?
Yes, guests who have made a reservation may check-in any time during the night.
What is the best option for the transfer from the airport?
If you are not renting a car, you can take a sherut (shared) taxi from the airport.  These taxis will drive you straight to Jerusalem Hills Inn.  The cost is around 65 shekels (equivalent to about $19 U.S. dollars).  These taxis are also available to drive you to the airport during daytime or nighttime for about the same price.
How far are you from the airport?
We are about 25 minutes east of Ben Gurion Airport.
Is there public transportation available from Jerusalem Hills Inn?
The bus stop which takes you into Jerusalem is very close to our location, a few minutes’ walk.  A private taxi to the Old City in Jerusalem is about 80 shekels during the day, and 100 shekels during the night and on Shabbat.
What is the electrical voltage in Israel?
240 volts, 50 Hz.  The outlets require type C or type H plugs.

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